Rocking Chair Repair

Rocking Chair Repair 005
AFTER!! Reconstructed, missing pieces replaced, stained and finished with hand rubbed tung oil.

I get more rocking chairs in for repair than any other piece of furniture.  No surprise, really.  They are favorites in most households and the very fact they are rocked back and forth thousands of time puts a strain, over time, on frames.  This nicely proportioned solid oak rocker from the early 20th century was typical in that the original hide glue that held the joints together was nearing 100 years old and turning to powder, loosening all the parts.  (Click on any image to enlarge)

My first step was to disassemble the chair as much as possible.

Rocking Chair Repair 001

Then any missing or broken pieces are fabricated anew.   Old finish is removed via stripping and/or sanding if the client requests it be done, as happened here .  Then the chair is reassembled, in this case with new dowels and reconditioned seats for the dowels.

Rocking Chair Repair 003
Reassembled and awaiting finish.


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